Dollar Tree Compass Mobile Employee Login

Dollar Tree developed an online paystub portal for its working colleagues. The online Dollar Tree Compass mobile portal helps its colleagues get proper information about their employee accounts.

The Dollar Tree working staff can access the portal by following the proper login steps. This guide blog will discuss all the essential points about Dollar Tree employees. It will cover login steps, a password reset guide, first-time registration, about the company, and some benefits of the employee portal.

The Dollar Tree colleagues who will access the employee portal for the first time need a proper login guide to help them quickly access the portal without any trouble.

By accessing the employee portal, employees get details about their work progress, work schedule, paystub, time off, and more information online. So check out the points below to access the official website of Dollar Tree.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a retail company established in the United States that offers a wide range of products at budget-friendly prices. The company was founded in 1953 and has headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Dollar Tree offers a variety of products at its stores, which makes it a popular retail store around the US. Dollar Tree has set up its stores in around 15000 locations across Canada and the US. Currently, 193000 employees are working with the Dollar Tree organization.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree
Compass Mobile Dollar Tree

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Login Credentails

Dollar Tree provides its employees with an employee portal that allows them to easily check their paystub and work schedule online.

But before going to the official website, you need to check out the required credentials at the official website during your login.

This blog was created to help you access your Dollar Tree official website. Once you know the necessary sign-in credentials for your login, you can log in to the portal without any trouble. So check out the essentials.

  • You first need the official website link, i.e.,
  • Employee ID/Username is the next required credential.
  • A login Password is required to access the employee portal.
  • A mobile device, laptop, or computer.
  • An Internet connection.

First-Time Login – Use Your Default Login Password

The first-time login user must use their default login password at the employee portal. If you are unaware of your default password, here are your login password details.

The default password will be two digits of your birth month, the last two digits of your birth year, and the last four digits of your social security number.

  • Example: If your birth date is 10 May 1985 and the last four digits of your SSN is 1368, then your default password will be 10851368.

After logging in to the employee portal with the default password, you can change the password and create a strong new one.

Dollar Tree Compass Employee Login Steps

For the colleagues of Dollar Tree who want to access the employee portal and check their work schedule and other important details regarding their employee profile, you need to log in to the official portal.

The official employee portal saves employees time accessing their employee activities, such as work schedules, paystubs, and other details. You can track all your employee activities on a single website using the online employee portal.

Look at the right login steps you must follow during your Compass mobile dollar tree login.

  • The initial step you need to take is to visit the official website, i.e.
  • Upon visiting the above official link, you will land on the login page.
  • Now, enter your WFM employee username and password.
Dollar Tree Compass Mobile
Dollar Tree Compass Mobile
  • At last, click on the Login button.
Employee LoginVisit Here
Official Website

Once you complete these steps, you will get access to your employee dashboard. On your employee dashboard, you can check all the essential details regarding your employee profile.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App

For the convenience of its employees, Dollar Tree also launched its mobile application, which helps employees check their employee’s related information through the mobile app. Employees can access the Compass employee portal via the official web or mobile app.

So, if you do not want to access the portal via an internet browser, you can download the app on your Android mobile or iPhone and log in quickly to the employee dashboard.

To download the official app, visit the Play Store or app store and download the app. Once the app is downloaded, log in using your username and password.

Benefits of Dollar Tree Employee Portal

If you are wondering what the use of Dollar Tree Employee Portal is, this section of this guide blog will help you know about the importance of employee portals.

The main motive for developing this employee portal is to help its employees by providing them with work-related details on a single web page.

The online web portal of Dollar Tree employees provides various features on its employee dashboard, which are:

  • Work Schedule: The online portal helps its employees access their work schedules. Employee have a feature to check their work schedule and manage their leaves online. On the Employee portal, you can swap shifts with your fellow on behalf of you and can apply for time off requests.
  • Paystub: The online employee portal provides a paystub facility. This feature helps employees check their salary slips or pay stubs with a single click. You can also check previous pay records, W2, tax documents, and direct deposits related to all data in a single web portal.
  • Social Feature: With the help of social features, employees can contact each other, discuss any topics or ideas, and ask for help.
  • News and Updates: This function of the Dollar Tree employee portal helps employees get news about essential announcements and policies, allowing them to stay updated with company news.

Helpline Details

Working colleagues having issues during their login or facing any other issue at the employee portal can contact the HR department for assistance.

New employees can ask the manager for their password or username. If you want to ask any queries regarding the online employee portal, you need to contact your manager or HR.

Our research found no contact number or email address for employee assistance, so you need to contact your team leader, HR, or manager for help.


How do I access my Dollar Tree Paystub?

Dollar Tree’s working colleagues can access the online paystub by logging in at the official portal. Once you reach the login page, enter your username and password to complete the sign-in process. After signing in from your dashboard, you can check your current and previous pay stubs. For any issue regarding the paystub, you can contact the Payroll Department at

What is Dollar Tree DailyPay?

Dollar Tree Daily pay is a feature that helps employees get a certain percentage of their wages before the payday. This allows employees to manage their expenses.

Can I Check my work schedule online?

Dollar Tree provides work schedule features on its employee portal mobile app. You must sign in using the employee portal or app to check the WFM schedule online.


In this guide, we covered all the information needed by a new employee or other working employees during their login. We also covered many other topics in this article, such as employee portal benefits, login requirements, and an app guide. This is a complete guide that helps you access the employee website easily. You can comment below or check the official website for any other Dollar Tree Compass Mobile information.