Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App Login

The Dollar Tree Compass mobile app isn’t available for public download so that it won’t be in app stores like Google Play or the App Store.

All Dollar Tree employees who want to access their work schedule, time shift, paystub, and other related data must visit the Dollar Tree Compass web portal at

The official website of Compass Dollar Tree functions as a mobile app and provides various features. You can grab employee data on the Compass web portal.

To access the employee account, you need to sign in at the portal using your Username and password. For further information about the Compass login, check out this blog.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App

For all Dollar Tree staff logging in to the Dollar Compass Mobile App for Android and iOS, we want to inform you that the official Dollar Tree mobile app for employees is unavailable online.

All employees must log in to the official portal to access work-related information.

We researched on the internet but did not find any official information about the app, nor did we see the mobile app on the Play Store or App Store.

Compass Mobile Dollar Tree
Compass Mobile Dollar Tree

Login At

A mobile app is software designed to run on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. It differs from websites you visit on your phone’s browser and programs you use on a laptop or desktop computer.

The mobile apps typically focus on a single task and are designed to be easy to use on a touch screen.

However, the Dollar Tree Associates app is no longer available, so they must log in at the Employee portal, i.e.,

Dollar Employee’s official portal works like a mobile app and provides all employee-related data on a single platform. So check out the website and quickly get your pay stub, work schedule, and payroll data.

Here are the steps to the official web portal:

  • Search Compass Dollar’s official portal on Google.
  • Next, click on the official website, i.e.
  • Now, your login page will open.
  • Here, enter your username and password.
  • At last, click on the Login button to access the employee dashboard.
  • Now, from your employee dashboard, you can check paystubs and schedules.
Dollar Tree Compass LoginVisit Official Page
Official Website


In this Dollar Tree Compass Mobile App guide, we discuss all the necessary information about the employee mobile app. So, as you all know, no app is available for employees. So, to access your employee data, you all need to sign in at the official website of Dollar Compass. For any help, you can contact the team leader or supervisor.