Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Schedule App

How do I check my pay and work schedule online? The Compass Mobile Dollar Tree schedule app is not available right now. So, navigate to the WFM employee web portal and log in to view your Dollar Tree schedule.

Dollar Tree associates, to view their overall work schedule and pay schedule from anywhere at any time, don’t search the DT schedule app (the official app has not launched right now!).

Dollar Tree has an employee portal to support its staff in checking the online status of their work shifts, unscheduled shifts, work days, clock out and clock in, break and lunch schedule, rest and meal period, overtime, sick leaves, etc.

So here is a complete guide about the Compass Dollar Tree Schedule. So stay tuned with this guide.

Dollar Tree Schedule App

Are you an employee of Dollar Tree and searching for a Schedule App? Stop searching right now! I would like to inform you that, at present, the company doesn’t have a dedicated app for dedicated associates.

I’ll inform you when it launches. Now, you might wonder how to check my schedule. Don’t worry. Go to the Dollar Tree employee WFM login page and enter your details to access your schedule.

Process of Compass Mobile Dollar Tree Schedule Login

The WFM employee login page is not just for checking the schedule; it is designed to perform multiple tasks. Lakhs of DollarTree employees access this one-stop employee self-service system daily.

Dollar Tree’s proactive and responsible schedule management system is accessible online using valid or authorized WFM employee login credentials. If you have, and it’s your first time logging in, read the guide.

  • To view your schedules, open the Dollar Tree WFM employee login page on your smartphone, laptop, PC Tab, or any other shared device. OR copy and paste this ( URL on any supportable web browser.
  • Now, the WFM employee login page will display on your system screen.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
Dollar Tree Compass Mobile
Dollar Tree Compass Mobile
  • Click the Login button.
  • Now, you are eligible to access your schedule.
Check your ScheduleVisit Official Page
Official Website


How do I open the WFM employee login dollar tree schedule page in a single click?

To open the Dollar Tree employee schedule login page in a single click, click on

Does Dollar Tree have a schedule app?

No. Currently, the Compass Mobile Dollar Tree employee schedule app is not available.

I’m a new employee; how do I find my schedule online?

Contact your manager, and he/she will provide instructions on accessing your schedule online.

I’ve forgotten the WFM employee login password; what should I do?

The login page does not have a “forgot password” link. So, contact your manager or HR team for assistance.


Dollar Tree employees, this article is for you. This guide will help you get your schedule online. All dollar tree colleagues who want to access their work schedule, your work shifts, clock-in and clock-out timing, your pay schedule, and more. For all these activities, you need to log in only at the WFM employee portal. For any queries, you can contact Dollar Tree’s support team.